(March 24th)
Yesterday was my birthday and I was lucky to celebrate it here in the mountains spending the day with three other girls travelers, Malorie from Belgium, and Naama and Mayan from Israel. We had momos for lunch in a Tibetan restaurant while we were visiting the Norbulingka Institute of arts, an art school for Tibetan refuges… amazing project. After we went for a delicious chocolate cake in a french bakery…. yes, there are french bakeries in India…
Today is my last day in the Tibetan town of McLeod Ganj, I have been here two weeks already, learning about Buddhism, about the Tibetan culture, see and listen the Dalai Lama, hiking in the forest, climbing mountains covered with snow, talk with interesting travelers ambassadors of all the countries… it is like a crossroad… people stay many weeks because is so great… The smile of the Tibetans and their calm and wise personality…. their struggle and dignity in life… I think the world should learn more about this amazing people…
In a few more hours I leave to Dheradun with Malorie. We will visit Navdanya, an organic farm 25 kilometers from the city.


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