Interesting words

Labor. This word comes from the Latin word laborare, which means “to be tired”. Beginning with the Reformation, labor supposedly came to be regarded as a duty.

Liberalia(Latin) a festival held when a boy would stop wearing the toga of his childhood and start wearing more adult clothing; the boy would give up his childhood insignia, process to the forum with others where his name could be added to the list of citizens, and make a sacrifice at the temple of Liber.

taberna (Latin) a booth, stall, or shop where goods and wares were sold by merchants and farmers and where money-leaders plied their trade; tabernae lined the north and south sides of the Roman forum and were used by spectators of festivals, fights, battles, and games as seating so they could watch the activities from better vantage points.

Salary. The Latin word salarium, meaning “salt allowance”, is the origin of the word salary. A necessary part of one’s diet, Roman soldiers were supposedly given an allowance to buy salt as part of their income. In time, this word applied more generally to one’s wages.


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