Para Gregorio

Like you said, it was a beautiful day, a beautiful summer day. I rode my bike after work to meet you in front of the Zia Dinner. I was wearing my favorite colorful skirt over my jeans. I wanted to be pretty for you. It was a beautiful day. How many things happened since then in your life and in mine? I feel that I’ve grown a little every day since I arrived to Santa Fe, like a little plant, growing every day to get bigger and bigger. Maybe I’l have fruits and flowers one day. I can feel my cells changing, learning and reproducing new information.

How many dreams you had since that day? Did someone know that we were going to be together? How happened? How we created this? Now you leave to Spain and I leave to India. Why I don’t fight to spend more time with you. Maybe because you are just part of my dreaming? Or I am part of yours? We are so similar. We both like beauty. We also like freedom, maybe we like it too much.

Tomorrow you’ll flying and starting one more journey. In ten days it’s my turn. Flying to see new places and new people, just to discover a new part of us. Letting you go is a good practice for me. But I’m still learning. A little bit of nostalgia comes tonight anyway after saying goodbye. It’s different from other nostalgias. There is nothing I can do. Just write and draw, and continue the path the universe is giving me. Will I see you again? Will we walk by the river together again? Will be more Santa Fe for me? Who can answer these questions? Do we really want an answer? Ciao Gregory, I’ll see you in my dreams.


3 thoughts on “Para Gregorio

  1. G

    Gracias Beatriz-Tengo muchas recuerdas con este dibujo magico. Chachi se gusta tambien. Las alfombras estan volando todavia.Gracias por tu carta tambien.Santa Fe esta esperandote.-G


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