This is my first time participating on Illustration Friday which is a weekly illustration challenge. A topic is posted every Friday and then participants have all week to come up with their own interpretation. I’m part of this challenge now so I’ll submit one illustration every week.

This week’s topic is: Spooky. There are 751 illustrators participating until now. To create mine I had to search what Spooky actually means? According to the urban dictionary “there is a big difference between the words “spooky” and “creepy.” Spooky can’t hurt you. Creepy can and probably will.” Finding some synonyms was very helpful: scary weird goth ghost crazy odd evil terrifying. I guess they chose this topic because we are close to Halloween.

Here is my interpretation for the challenge and it comes from a spooky dream I had one night in India. I also call this illustration “el loco”.


7 thoughts on “Spooky

    1. beatrizintransit Post author

      Thanks Barbara for visiting my blog! I already visited yours too and like it very much. I’m already thinking about the new topic for the week! let see how comes to the paper !

  1. Marineta

    Creo que la traducción de Spooky en español de españa sería algo que da Yuyu! ta rechida tu ilustración! ya quiero ver la de la próxima semana! petonet


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