“Enojado” is part of The Faux Show in Astoria, Oregon USA

I’m very happy mailing today my “Enojado” drawing to Astoria Oregon, to participate in The Faux Show or Fo sho…(Abbreviated slang term for “for sure”). The show is taking place at Lunar Boy Gallery next Saturday 12th May and it’s curated by Matthew Palmgren, an American artist I’ve met recently while he was visiting Barcelona.

“Enojado” in spanish means angry or mad. The anger is primary and natural emotion. An uncomfortable response to a perceived provocation. This three panel drawing talks about the anger one could have inside after faking his feelings for a long period of time. This person is angry because he has been saying to himself “Fo sho… no problem…, I’ll do it…, I can do it…, I’m ok.., fo sho…” But inside his feeling is completely opposite, he’s not sure, he’s not ok, he’s not happy.

Title “Enojado”
Size: 19.5 x 19.5 in
Materials: Ink and watercolor on paper
Price: 180 USD


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