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About Patronage in te 21st century

An interesting article published yesterday in the New York Times about Patronage in the 21st century. They mentioned In4Art, the platform of incubation and patronage organizing the StARTup Exhibition: Co-Existence that we inaugurate tonight in Amsterdam.


Co-Existence stARTup Exhibition – Amsterdam

In one week (Saturday May 20th) we’ll inaugurate the Co-Existence Exhibition in Amsterdam.


Our time is pinpointed by connectedness and dependencies. We are heading towards a Co-Era. The exponential growth of technological possibilities and the need for sustainable solutions for human wellbeing are essential drivers for change. They ask for an ecosystem that CO-operates, CO-llaborates and CO-exists.  

The Co-Existence between humans & technology is the inspiration for this exhibition. Technological development has changed our way of living dramatically over the past twenty years: how will we co-exist in the future? Two artists present their ideas and visions.

Beatriz Chamussy reflects how technology drives change. She elaborates on contemporary gods: drones, phones, computers & data. She plays around with interaction and hyper connection. Are humans following, equal to or in control of technology?

Tiwánee van der Horst embraces technology. It became her tool, the extension of her body to create physical objects. She devotes herself to realizing a post internet environment. How to stretch the boundaries of the possible?

In Co-Existence, their works take us through a journey to explore interactions, networks and connections. Technology as an extension of humanity, we are not only users but creators.

When: May 20th – June 10th
Where: Nieuwe Keizersgracht 54, Amsterdam
What: An exhibition, a show, on site collaboration, talks and much more.

More info: or by phone: +31693981339


“Altar” is one of the paintings I’ll show in Amsterdam next month, as part of the Co-Existence stARTup exhibition organized by In4art

This painting (Acrylic on Canvas, 65 cm x 81 cm) is an altar for our contemporary gods: The invisible Cloud, the omnipresent WiFi, the cult of the “like”, the drones, the smartphones, the apps, the hyperconnectivity, the overstimulation…

Like a “Wunderkammer” or a “Cabinet of curiosities”, this painting is a collection of icons and symbols present in our global culture governed by social media and the use of the internet.


In the center of the painting the reference to the symbol of the Burning Man (Annual gathering in the US, experiment with community and arts, music festival, self-expression), representing the dream of freedom of our generation.

The legs of the table are the elegant triangle fractals called Sierpinski triangle, representing how we build logic from randomness trying to make sense of both the universe and ourselves.

A dialogue between order and chaos.

The need of fantasy, the desire of living in a child’s like world (represented by the: unicorn, rabbit head, minion, balloons, party decoration), the need of ancient beliefs, superstition, mystical and spiritual connection (lucky charms, talismans, Maneki Neko, angels, dreamcatcher, chakras, yoga practice, buddhist praying flags, chinese zodiac (2017 year of the rooster, yin yang, etc) and at the same time the devotion to scientific progress, automatisation, newest technological widgets (apple watch, drones, google maps, etc)

I’m interested in identifying a common visual and cultural language that exists nowadays worldwide: Apps, Ikea furniture, computers interface, green and healthy smoothies, gluten free cupcakes and starbucks latte grande.

And you can always press the Off button in the center of the green carpet to shut down everything.

If you want to see more images of the creative process of this piece click here.

Photos by @galopbcn

Time Out Barcelona

time out

Super happy after Time Out Barcelona featured a note and picture about my work as part of their article on artists living in Barcelona!
The note says: Beatriz Chamussy. Illustrator and Photographer. Working in a film company and teaching art therapy to children does not prevent her from devoting time to her creative commissioned work, or to her project Beatriz in transit. She likes drawing stories, people and places she doesn’t want to forget. Some of her illustrations aim at discovering an ideal world, a dream world, or a blend of the worlds she’s lived or would like to live in.”

(Thanks Patricia Sánchez for the translation on you wall!)

“Enojado” is part of The Faux Show in Astoria, Oregon USA

I’m very happy mailing today my “Enojado” drawing to Astoria Oregon, to participate in The Faux Show or Fo sho…(Abbreviated slang term for “for sure”). The show is taking place at Lunar Boy Gallery next Saturday 12th May and it’s curated by Matthew Palmgren, an American artist I’ve met recently while he was visiting Barcelona.

“Enojado” in spanish means angry or mad. The anger is primary and natural emotion. An uncomfortable response to a perceived provocation. This three panel drawing talks about the anger one could have inside after faking his feelings for a long period of time. This person is angry because he has been saying to himself “Fo sho… no problem…, I’ll do it…, I can do it…, I’m ok.., fo sho…” But inside his feeling is completely opposite, he’s not sure, he’s not ok, he’s not happy.

Title “Enojado”
Size: 19.5 x 19.5 in
Materials: Ink and watercolor on paper
Price: 180 USD

Exposición en Foro Cultural Hilvana 8/Sept/2010

En estos días estoy preparando todos los detalles para la exposición del próximo miércoles 8 de septiembre. En esta exposición voy a presentar nuevo material, recién salido del horno : ) y también estoy pidiendo a las personas cercanas que tengan dibujos míos que puedan traerlos para la exhibición. Tengo mucha ilusión de volver a ver ese día dibujos que hace tiempo no veo y que todos los asistentes puedan ver una retrospectiva de mi trabajo en los últimos cuatro años.
La gente del Foro cutural Hilvana se ha portado muy amable y entusiasta con la expo, sobre todo considerando que tenemos el tiempo encima. El foro es un espacio muy dinámico y con mucha vida. Antes de mi exhibición tienen agendada la presentación de un libro, otro día tienen el aniversario de una radio alternativa, luego tienen programado un concierto del grupo Sonex, en fin, que es un lugar muy movido.
Durante la noche de exposición mi amiga Arantxa Ezcurra estará al pendiente de cualquier asunto relacionado con la venta de los cuadros que estarán exhibiéndose.
Los esperamos desde las 8 pm con bocadillos y vino de honor.