Commissioned artworks

Often people have asked me to make a special art piece as a gift for friends, or to decorate a wall in their house with some meaningful image. I love to do this! It’s very special to be able to translate within an image the story of a family, the love story of a couple that is getting married, the birth of a little boy, etc.
Normally the process for a commissioned artwork occur like this:
1) The collector contact me and describe the idea of what he/she wants. We work together to agree on:
-Medium (Ink, watercolor on paper, acrylics and ink on canvas, etc)
-Price (From 50 Euros to 1000 Euros)
-Dimensions (From 20 x 20 cm to 2 x 2 meters or more)
-Subject matter, color scheme, etc.
-Timeline for completing the work (typically 2-4 weeks).
2) Prior to beginning the work, I ask 50% of payment from the collector so that I can know the collector is serious.
3) I start working and I send images showing the work in-progress, which the collector reviews and approves.
4) Once the work has been completed, the collector approves the final image.
5) Then I ask the final payment, plus the cost of shipping from the collector. I take a lot of care wrapping properly the artwork, so that it travels safely to the address of the collector. If the collector is Barcelona or passes by here, we meet personally to give it by hand.
I have worked on many commissions, and it’s a great to enable collectors and interior designers to acquire works they love. With good communication on all sides the process is smooth and beneficial for both collector and myself.
Write me if you are interested:
Some examples of commissioned works:

This is a commissioned painting for a wedding. She is from Catalunya, He is from Italy, they meet in Wales and their love travels to Barcelona, Mexico, and cycles around Europe, growing surrounded by friends who also enjoy exciting expeditions in nature. A tandem. Two sets of pedals and two saddles. Moving in balance and harmony. 65 x 80 cm. Watercolor and ink on canvas. 2014

volver a casa LOW

This was a commissioned drawing. I created it based on an idea the client wanted to express: the experience of “coming back home”, or the feeling of being home inside one’s body and mind, accepting oneself at the full potential we have. Clarity and freedom coming from the universe, as a reflection of the balance in the center of ourselves. The drawing is 21 x 29.7 cm (8.2 x 11.6 inches) I used Ink on cotton paper

Vida para los que saben soñar Tintas y acuarela sobre papel de algodón. 80 x 50 cm Un dibujo comisionado por Francisco Gallegos Luna. 2012

“Vida para los que saben soñar”
Ink and watercolor on cotton paper. 80 x 50 cm
I made this commissioned piece in 2012 for a collector in Mexico.



The love story of an Italian couple who met during a trip to Sicilia. I wanted to transmit their happiness and good fortune. A man and a women coming out from the sea, and now rising in the earth like a tree, expanding their roots and growing together. The lines in the woman’s dress are curves, representing fertility, female energy, soft movement, spirituality. The lines on the man’s suit are strait, representing the materialization of the spirit, the external manifestation, male energy. Two opposite but complementary forces. Ying-Yang. Two aspects of the One. At the bottom we can see again the couple, standing on a tree leave, flowing in a rainbow river, the result of the combination of all the colors. They are guided by the rainbow octopus/kite. The village on the right side represents all the opportunities for materialize and share love. The houses have the windows and doors open, and bright light is coming from the inside, this helps the couple to find their way. Underground we see the rings, symbolizing the alliance. The rings have been always there, waiting for the couple. The boat in the center of the drawing represents the eternal journey where we all are. The sky is plenty of stars, to help us find our own ways. 40 x 70 cm Ink on paper 2011

Dibujo Aran Josef en Mexico chiq

“The wonderful adventures of Arantxa and Josef in Mexican lands”. A commissioned painting for a wedding gift. A group of work colleagues of the groom asked me to create it as a gift for the couple. 38 x 46 cm Ink on paper 2011


A commissioned painting for a family in Montpellier, France. 250 x 65 cm (98.4 x 25.5 Inches). Ink, watercolor and acrylic on canvas. 2013. The title comes from “Une invitation au voyage”, a poem by Charles Baudelaire.



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