Friends and Inspiring projects

Over the years I have been collaborating with inspiring people and projects. Here a long and diverse list:

In4Art Discover, collect, share and shine contemporary art.

Scuola di Graffito di Montemurro – Artist residency in Italy where I spent the summer of 2015.

Art meet Bizness – Bridging the gap between artist and business.

Jeanne Pannier – French artist who inspired me to become an artist too.

Mozaik -French cultural association working with children in Barcelona

Segni Mossi -Super inspiring work by Italian artists Alessandro Lumare and Simona Lobefaro exploring movement and drawing.

Yoguitos – Beautiful project offering Yoga for kids.

Metafora – School in Barcelona for Art and Art therapy.

Diego Piñon – Butoh dance teacher. Lots of learning and inspiration in his workshops.

Siamb – Dance association in Barcelona

Thomas Mettler – Dance teacher, inspiring artist.

Linda Bufali – Contact improvisation dance teacher

Freiburg Contact Improvisation – Contact Improvisation Dance festival in Freiburg. A great place to dance in the summer.

El Hilo rojo – Asociación de mujeres creativas

Les Cham a velo – My favorite cousin and his family traveling by bike around the world.

The coffee trust – My friend and mentor, Bill Fishbein and his fantastic work helping coffee-growing farmers in central america.

Mai-te Diseñadora y querida amiga

Selvatika – The fashion brand of Violaine, my dear friend and colleague of studio.

Uma – Bailarina, pintora y muy querida amiga.

Pontas Agency – Literary and Film agency in Barcelona. I had the chance to work with Anna Soler-Pont for three years during the production of the movie Traces of Sandalwood (Rastres de Sandal).

Vainilla Produce – My friend Diana is a photo, video and film producer in Mexico.

Mientras se espera – Documentary Film by Paola Villanueva. I worked with her on the creation of the poster for the movie.





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