Excuse me, where’s the toilet?

(English below) Encontrar el baño (el lavabo, el retrete, los servicios, los sanitarios, el wáter, el WC, el tocador, los aseos, the toilet, the restroom, the bathroom, les toilettes, le cabinet, o como se prefiera llamarle) es muy importante. Por eso en cada lugar público alguien tiene que la enorme responsabilidad de colocar señales para que los clientes encuentren... Continue Reading →


New explorations

Happy New Year!

Visualizing time

It all started when the first men looked at the sky and watched the stars in continuous motion, uniform and repetitive. The observations of the natural world made them understand that all events occur within a cycle: the migration of animals, flowering, seeding, maturation, harvest and so on. Cyclic time in nomadic people and early... Continue Reading →

Art on your phone

Our phones deserve a beautiful case. Yes, these little objects that invaded our life and changed our way of doing things in the last 10 years are not only useful but also a fantastic place to display art. I'm very happy to collaborate now with Case Station, a company from the UK that prints chic... Continue Reading →

Cover illustration for a World Bank book

  Very happy to see one of my drawings on the cover of such an interesting book just published by the World Bank: "Cashing in on Education : Women, Childcare, and Prosperity in Latin America and the Caribbean" A document about child care, female labor force participation and the importance of women's participation as a... Continue Reading →

Indian patterns

Recently I found my journal from a trip to India in 2006 where I was studying the beautiful Rangoli and Mehndi designs. I got a lot of inspiration from this patterns and shapes.

From my bookshelf

"Art is the skill of incarnating an abstract idea in a material object, or finding a way to make an idea palpable and direct." Art as therapy, Alain de Botton, John Armstrong, Phaidon.

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