Thanks for taking my artwork to your home

Here you will find links to the online shops where you can buy my artwork. For Commissioned artworks please scroll all the way down and read the information.

Saatchi – Original artworks

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 7.48.55 PM

♥ My boutique ETSY – Original artwork, Art prints, tote bags, phone cases & special products.


The Shed Gallery
The Shed Gallery is an online platform where you can buy fabulous prints of my photos.

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Normally the process for a commissioned artwork occur like this:

1) The collector contact me and describe the idea of what he/she wants. We work together to agree on:
-Medium (Ink, watercolor on paper, acrylics and ink on canvas, etc)
-Dimensions (From 50 x 50 cm to 200 x 200 cm or more)
-Subject matter, color scheme, etc.
-Timeline for completing the work

2) Prior to beginning the work, I ask 50% of payment from the collector so that I can invest in the materials.

3) I start working and I send some images showing the work in-progress, which the collector reviews and approves.

4) Once the work has been completed, the collector approves the final image.

5) Then I ask the collector to deposit the final payment, plus the cost of shipping. I take a lot of care wrapping properly the artwork, so that it travels safely to the address of the collector. If the collector is Barcelona he/she can pass by my studio, we meet personally to give the artwork by hand.

I have worked on many commissions, and it’s a great to enable collectors and interior designers to acquire works they love. With good communication on all sides the process is smooth and beneficial for both collector and myself. Write me if you are interested:

To see some examples of Commissioned artworks read this post I wrote in 2016.



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