Many ways to color 2017

Have a look at the beautiful coloring skills from people around the world who are coloring the 2017 calendar. Vean lo bello que están quedando estos calendarios del 2017 coloreados en diferentes partes del mundo.   Find the 2018 Coloring Calendar here. Compra el calendario de 2018 aquí.


Visualizing time

It all started when the first men looked at the sky and watched the stars in continuous motion, uniform and repetitive. The observations of the natural world made them understand that all events occur within a cycle: the migration of animals, flowering, seeding, maturation, harvest and so on. Cyclic time in nomadic people and early... Continue Reading →

Coloring Calendar 2016

This beautiful coloring calendar is now for sale on ETSY ! The calendar will make a nice decorative item and also an illustration that you can personalize. An artistic piece and a functional object at the same time. 366 days to color and enjoy! Calendar size is 35x50 cm (11.8 x 19.6 inches) Get yours... Continue Reading →

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