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Visualizing time

It all started when the first men looked at the sky and watched the stars in continuous motion, uniform and repetitive. The observations of the natural world made them understand that all events occur within a cycle: the migration of animals, flowering, seeding, maturation, harvest and so on.

Cyclic time in nomadic people and early tribes comes from a deep interaction between nature and man to the point of determining the idea of totality. No event in history that does not arise from other events that have preceded and which itself does not become a source of other events.

Civilizations have adopted various methods, using the movement of the stars, to measure time. The varying success of this operation is more or less depended on the astronomical knowledge each culture achieved. Religion, historians and even politicians have influenced also this major issue.

The ancient Babylonians and Greeks marked a transition in the conception of time. However, is until the arrival of Christianity when the ideas of linear time emerged, which would be fundamental to the foundations of the Western culture and its idea of progress.

The representation of time that we see in our clocks and calendars currently is a general convention in the world. Humanity has had to spend many stages for centuries to make big agreements about the date and time in which we live.

The conventional calendars measure time in a linear and progressive way. The model is highly deterministic linear thinking, as well reductionist since it breaks down the total into smaller pieces, reducing interactions between them. The whole is composed of independent parts.

The linear model is now contradictory, since we know that our universe is basically made up of nonlinear systems in the physical, biological, psychological and social levels.

Studying and reflecting about this subject I started to draw circular calendars as a way to understand time and search new ways to visualize it. In my head, since childhood, when I think about next summer or next winter, I always visualized the year in a circle, like a train in a loop track.

calendario promocion peq


The circular calendar allows us to see that time is not unidirectional (from
past to future), but bidirectional. In indigenous cultures man lives in a reality of continuous cyclical movement of nature and culture. The end of the year is the beginning of a new life and not the sum of accumulated years. From this point of view everything is connected, nothing is separate from the totality.

calendario 2015 outlines TODO NEGRO


The Spiral model is the model of thinking of indigenous people, is the alternative to linear thinking model designed by the European rationalism and positivist philosophy, origin of the existing mental model in the Western world for centuries.





calendario prueba nuevo


I have designed the last three calendars (2016, 2017 and 2018) as coloring calendars. They make a nice decorative item and also an illustration that people personalize coloring it day by day.

I drew the calendars illustration by hand, line after line, finding interesting to visualize a full year in one single image. An artistic piece and a functional object at the same time.

I have printed 150 calendars this year. If you want to purchase a print of the 2018 calendar and start to coloring it, you are welcome to  visit my ETSY shop.

I will continue my research about time and calendars. If you share the interest on this subject and you want to exchange ideas please write me at: beatrizchamussy@gmail.com


So many ways to color the 2016 Calendar!

It’s almost the end of 2016 and as I promised here is a post to show the collection of photos I have received through the year. Thanks a lot to the people who sent me these nice images showing their amazing coloring skills!

If you haven’t sent me your photo please do it! I would love to add it to this collection.

And if you are already thinking about 2017… Here you can order the new coloring calendar 2017! Have a look!

If you already purchased a calendar from my shop in the past you’ll receive a 15% discount coupon code by email.

For the curious people here is also a link of another photo gallery with images from the 2012 calendar (the first one I have made) hanging around the world.


Carolina Izaguirre, México


Multiple hands coloring at the Fantastic ETSY market in Barcelona


Calendar in progress at La Shala Yoga studio in Barcelona


Coloring finished at La Shala Yoga studio (Barcelona)


Laura, Michigan, USA


Uli and Loni, Berlin, Germany

Ingrid from Barcelona


Tania Lasanta from Barcelona


Kirana, Sant Pere de Ribas, Barcelona.


Ready to start the year! Barcelona, Spain


Manuel and Marie Showing me the progress of the calendar on skype


Marie, Oscar and Victor coloring in Paris, France.


Godelieve Van Uden, The Netherlands


Moira, from Grenoble France.


Tania, Castelldefels, Spain.


Miriam Van Uden from The Netherlands


Moira from Grenoble, France


Marina from Barcelona, Spain

photo 4

Adrien, Boston, USA


Milena (5 years old) from Barcelona, Spain


Marie-Pierre from Paris, France


Nienke from Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


The calendar next to Patti Smith at the Llibreria Proleg in Barcelona, Spain


Coloring at the Fantastic ETSY market


Ingrid from La Floresta, Spain

Lulú, Washington D.C. USA

Santiago, Washington D.C. USA

Silvia Bielas, Barcelona