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People from around the world are showing their coloring skills! It’s very exciting!

The calendar is available for purchase at my ETSY shop


Nienke from Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


Marie-Pierre from Paris, France

Miriam The Netherlands

Miriam Van Uden from The Netherlands


Milena (5 years old) from Barcelona, Spain


Marina from Barcelona, Spain


Moira from Grenoble, France


The calendar next to Patti Smith at the Llibreria Proleg in Barcelona, Spain

photo 4

Adrien, Boston, USA


Coloring Calendar – A beautiful incredibly detailed drawing to track time

Calendar 2016 Beatriz in transit

I’m very happy to introduce you the beautiful coloring mandala calendar! A handmade drawing in the form of a mandala containing 366 days, 12 months, 12 full moons, 12 zodiac signs and 1 Sun-tree with the 4 seasons.

The calendar will make a nice decorative item for your house and also an illustration that you can personalize. An artistic piece and a functional object at the same time.

Coloring your own calendar is a way to rediscover the underlying beauty in natural rhythms.

A mandala is a representation of the universe, in various traditions mandalas were employed for focusing attention and as a way to establish a connection between the microcosm and the macrocosm. I drew this illustration by hand, line after line. I found that a mandala was a perfect way to visualize a full year in one single image . I’m very happy to share this piece with you and I’m curious to see all the possibilities of coloring that you’ll discover.

Size: A one page wall calendar 11.8 x 19.6 inches (35×50 cm)

-Printed of high quality paper. You can color it with pencils, markers, watercolor, etc.

-Available for purchase at my ETSY shop