Interacting with the stone walls

There are these walls around the town where I live, I love to see them, beautiful old handmade stone walls. I see them everyday on the way to La mandarina (Leo's little forest school) or when I go hiking around, looking for wild rosemary and thym. I started to collect these walls on photos, I've... Continue Reading →

2019 calendar is ready

Excited to announce that the *2019* calendar is ready! For the sixth year in a row, I’m happy to continue offering this creation. I started to draw circular calendars in 2012 as a way to understand time and search new ways to visualize it. The conventional calendars measure time in a linear and progressive way.... Continue Reading →

Reaprender el lenguage simbólico

Vivimos en un universo que tiende al caos. Para armonizarnos con nuestro habitat no podemos pretender comunicarnos solamente con un lenguaje lógico, estructurado y rígido, esta no es la naturaleza esencial del universo. Hay que aprender (reaprender, porque en realidad es algo que ya sabíamos) a comunicarnos con lenguajes simbólicos, con la metáfora, con la... Continue Reading →

Many ways to color 2017

Have a look at the beautiful coloring skills from people around the world who are coloring the 2017 calendar. Vean lo bello que están quedando estos calendarios del 2017 coloreados en diferentes partes del mundo.   Find the 2018 Coloring Calendar here. Compra el calendario de 2018 aquí.

Visualizing time

It all started when the first men looked at the sky and watched the stars in continuous motion, uniform and repetitive. The observations of the natural world made them understand that all events occur within a cycle: the migration of animals, flowering, seeding, maturation, harvest and so on. Cyclic time in nomadic people and early... Continue Reading →

Opening day: Co-Existence Exhibition

Thanks for coming to the opening of the Co-Existence exhibition last Saturday. The event went very well, we had more than 60 people visiting, many interesting conversations, good feedback about the topic and also already some art pieces sold. We want to see more people here and create more resonances regarding the dialogue between technology... Continue Reading →

About Patronage in te 21st century

An interesting article published yesterday in the New York Times about Patronage in the 21st century. They mentioned In4Art, the platform of incubation and patronage organizing the StARTup Exhibition: Co-Existence that we inaugurate tonight in Amsterdam.  

Co-Existence stARTup Exhibition – Amsterdam

In one week (Saturday May 20th) we'll inaugurate the Co-Existence Exhibition in Amsterdam. Our time is pinpointed by connectedness and dependencies. We are heading towards a Co-Era. The exponential growth of technological possibilities and the need for sustainable solutions for human wellbeing are essential drivers for change. They ask for an ecosystem that CO-operates, CO-llaborates... Continue Reading →


"Altar" is one of the paintings I'll show in Amsterdam next month, as part of the Co-Existence stARTup exhibition organized by In4art This painting (Acrylic on Canvas, 65 cm x 81 cm) is an altar for our contemporary gods: The invisible Cloud, the omnipresent WiFi, the cult of the “like”, the drones, the smartphones, the... Continue Reading →

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